Let's look back into your past projects or build something new that has a retro style....

All the Hackers, around the world, get ready to look back into the past....

The world has changed a lot in the past 10 years.... Similarly, you too have changed a lot, and your projects have grown better with time...

And RETRO HACKS is all about the past. 

You can submit any project that you've created more than 6 months ago...


You can create a new project with Retro Style...


Explaining it further more: hackers have a chance to submit their projects in one of the 2 given ways.

If you have any good project that you've made more than 6 months ago, you can submit it.

*It doesn't have to be listed on Devpost more than 6 months ago, but created 6 months ago. (You maybe new on Devpost)

*It's listing, video, description and such things can be updated, but the project cannot.


Or else if you can create a project in Retro Style.

*Your project must look like something that was created more than 5 years ago.

*It's function can be something new, only the design should be Retro.

*You can use any technology that's new. There's no limitation to it.



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$11,290 in prizes

All Participants (100)

*Voiceflow Professional License.
Professional Licenses are valued at $49/month per account and all attendees will receive a coupon code to retrieve their subscription.

*Free upgrades to Taskade Unlimlited.

*E-certificate of participation.


*12 months subscription to Framer Pro Version.
Framer is a platform to prototype your apps, it's simple you don't need any coding knowledge.
(12 months will be divided among the team members)

*6 months of 1Password premium to each member in the team.

*Much more TBA


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Anyone above age 13 can participate.
  • Hackers from all countries are welcome.
  • There is no other discrimination.


The project must be completed.

Also there must be a video (Length: MAX 2 MINS). This video will be live streamed as the project demo during the closing ceremony.




Judging Criteria

  • Adherence to the Theme
    Firstly your project must be in built more than 6 months ago or should have Retro Style.
  • Design
    How good is the Design of your project
  • Technology used
    Is the project very advanced? Was the use of code libraries used? etc.


  • Productivity
  • Lifehacks
  • Social Good